Bear Afternoons with Kier White

2:00pm to 7:00pm

Keeping your afternoons Rockin’!

Enjoy listening in the afternoons and get filled in on what's happening around Fort St John and the Peace. You'll hear some of the best rock and roll ever made and we may even give away some free stuff! We will have a few laughs.

Afternoons, 2:00 - 7:00 on 101.5 The Bear


 Who Am I?

I'm Kier! When I was a young man I had many career dreams. First I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Zipping about through the stratosphere ripping off shots at the Nazi’s / Communist’s / Martian’s that threatened the freedom of Canadians by day, and playing beach volleyball with the other fighter jocks by night. I found an obstacle to this dream early on though. Pilots are required to be good at things like math and beach volleyball. I’m not. Because math as we all know... is stupid. And beach volleyball requires sand. And sand gets everywhere. Dream number two was to be a blacksmith.  I wanted to make a living forging armour and swords and what not. Problem with that is that our society no longer encourages the carrying of edged weapons so there’s really not a lot of need for medieval black smiths. My obvious lack of musical talent kept the dream of being a rock star from taking off, but then I realized... I hit play like nobody’s business! Therefore... Radio.

I’ve been speaking into microphones around BC and Alberta since 2008, and as long as they don’t seriously lower the standards for fighter pilots anytime soon I will continue to do so until such a time as I slip up and swear into a live microphone.

My favourite band is Iron Maiden. My favourite movies are Star Wars. My favourite season is the one that doesn’t have snow. Oh... and I love professional wrestling. Hope that’s not a deal breaker and we can still be friends. If you want more... I twitter at @thisisradiokier - feel free to follow!