July 25th - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Under The Bridge


When the first Woodstock was held in 1969, it was a festival that focused on peace, love, and great music. There weren’t major corporate sponsors, no profiteers looking to cash in on the music. Just a very large group of people looking to enjoy themselves. That was Woodstock 69. Woodstock 99, was the complete opposite. Insufficient facilities, over priced food and refreshments, major corporate sponsorship, oppressive heat; all these factors contributed to what would be one of the most violent and poorly planned outdoor festivals of all time. Things came to a head on July 25th, 1999, when the Red Hot Chili Peppers took to the stage. Candles had been passed out prior to the show, in order to instigate a candlelight vigil during Under the Bridge. Festival attendees used the candles, along with mounting garbage amongst the site, to create large fires. One of which spread to an audio tower, which would bring a halt to the Peppers performance. By the time the band leaves the stage, many large fires are burning, fueled by whatever people can rip off of fences and find amongst the site. ATM’s were tipped over and robbed, trailers of merchandise and equipment were burglarized, and abandoned vendor booths were overturned and set on fire.