July 24th - Judas Priest

Breaking the Law


On many occasions, artists have been on the end of the lawsuit that would seek to benefit themselves. But just as often, they’re on the other end, and are being sued for any variety of reasons. Breach of contract, public vandalism, public indecency, subliminal messages causing fans to commit suicide, the list is long. July 24, 1990, the case against Judas Priest was opened, alleging that subliminal messages included in the ‘Stained Class’ album caused two young fans to take their own lives. The trial lasts until August 24, before being dismissed by the judge. Parents of the victims had claimed the subliminal line ‘do it’ had urged the young men to their actions. Lead singer Rob Halford pointed out the phrase ‘do it’ had no direct message.

 It seems fitting, Pick of the Day is Breaking the Law