July 19th - Bruce Springsteen

Born To Run


Through performances and exposure in the media, certain artists gain their reputation. KISS, for example, are known for having a lot of pyrotechnics in their stage show. Axl Rose is known for showing up late to shows, sometimes not at all. Bruce Springsteen, is known for lengthy and high energy performances, and has been since his rise to fame in the 1970’s. Just how does the Boss man achieve this? Practice. In 1975, the release of his album Born To Run made him a household name, and established him as the voice of the working people. He knew that people who worked hard, wanted to play hard as well, so he made sure those who paid to see him got their money’s worth. The Born To Run tour kicked off on July 20th, 1975. July 19th, the day before, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band spent 19 hours straight rehearsing. The rehearsal would set the tone for the next 30+ years of touring, as Bruce Springsteen’s stage shows consistently run over 3 hours long.