July 18th - Jethro Tull

Locomotive Breath


Measuring the level of success a band has reached, is a pursuit that has many avenues. You can look at record sales; the amount of recording industry awards the artist has won; these days the number of Facebook fans a group has can determine level of success. But the time tested measure of how popular a band is; can they put fans in the seats. The record for the fastest rock show sellout is much disputed, but if you can sell every seat in the place in less than ten minutes, your popularity is at a healthy level. That’s taking into account of course, modern day conveniences like being able to purchase online or over the phone from the comfort of your home. In the 70’s, it was feet on the street to the ticket booth to get your tickets. That makes the feat by Jethro Tull that much more impressive, when on July 18th 1973 they sold out three nights at the LA Forum in an hour and a half. This means that 54 000 physical tickets exchanged hands at the ticket window. As far as measures of success go, that’s one ticket line that indicates youre doing something right.