David Getz

Drummer David Getz was the last member of Big Brother & the Holding Company to join; he was also the one bandmember who had already embarked on a successful career in a field separate from music. Born in New York, Getz grew up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn and was turned on to rock & roll as a young teenager, listening to Alan Freed's radio show. He was also heavily immersed in Native American culture, and the two interests intersected when Getz recognized that he had a special talent as a drummer. At age 15 he was a working musician and fully paid-up union member, and he played in all musical idioms, including Dixieland jazz, during his teens. He was also busy developing his talents as an artist, attending Cooper Union in New York, among other schools -- he earned fine arts degrees from the San Francisco Art Institute before he ever played music professionally. He kept his hand in music, however, playing jazz in his spare time (including a period studying in Poland).