Brian Ahern

Canadian native Brian Ahern first made his mark in the music industry by discovering the placid sounds of fellow Canadian Anne Murray. He had met her earlier when the young singer performed on a TV show in Halifax, but it was only after Ahern had moved to Toronto was he able to pursuade the young singer to join him in the studio. The collaboration eventually led to a contract on Capitol for Murray and a ticket out of Toronto for Ahern. Growing bored with the scene he decided to transplant his studio to sunny L.A. It was there that he met another female singer that would play a big part in both his life and career, Emmylou Harris. Ahern and Harris eventually married and, though their nuptials didn't prove lasting, the music they did together has certainly stood the test of time. It can be argued that Ahern produced her best work, including Elite Hotel, Pieces of the Sky and Roses in the Snow, all critically acclaimed albums. After working with the countrified Harris, Ahern eventually drifted to Nashville where he has since produced albums by Marty Robbins, George Jones and Ricky Skaggs, among others. Ahern places importance on the song over all other factors and is regarded within the industry as a top notch C&W producer.
Steve Kurutz, Rovi