Originally known as Vitamin, the guitar-based pop/rock trio Gloritone actively pursued post-grunge success in the late '90s. Vocalist/guitarist Tim Anthonise, bassist Nick Scropos, and drummer Dan Lancelot -- all veterans of the local club scene in Temple, AZ -- formed the band in September 1996. Vitamin had not yet performed 20 shows when a demo tape caught the interest of an RCA executive, and the band signed with the label's Kneeling Elephant subsidiary. A name change was suggested due to the strong likelihood of the existence of similarly named bands; after settling on Gloritone, the trio issued their debut album, Cup Runneth Over, in June 1998. Fainter Farther Still followed three years later, featuring a revised lineup with newcomer Scott Hessel on drums, but failed to make a significant dent in commercial radio. Faced with a lack of national support, the group quietly disbanded as its members went on to pursue projects with Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (Scropos) and Let Go (Hessel).
Steve Huey & Andrew Leahey, Rovi

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