The Refreshments

Although the Gin Blossoms were Tempe, AZ's most recognizable band in the post-grunge era, the Refreshments were perhaps the town's hometown favorite. Their alternative pop/rock sound owed much to the band's Southwestern surroundings, whose influence played a big role on the band's sophomore effort, The Bottle & Fresh Horses, and later came to fruition with the spin-off Americana outfit Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. Oddly enough, the very elements that endeared the Refreshments to their hometown audience -- the quartet's localized sound, Arizona-centric lyrics, and occasional mariachi horn section -- prevented their music from finding a national market, with "Banditos" serving as the band's only modern rock hit. The fledgling Mercury Records sacked the group after their second album failed to provide another single along the lines of "Banditos," and the Refreshments called it quits the following year (Mercury would also fold in 1998, having been absorbed into the Island Def Jam Music Group). Nevertheless, the Refreshments' legacy lives on in the Southwest, where the aforementioned Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers have since emerged as one of the area's biggest draws.

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