Honeymoon Suite

Although the Toronto-based quintet Honeymoon Suite never managed to break through in a major way with audiences south of the border, they did find their way onto the charts a handful of times in the U.S. They also were a popular live act and opened for some of the period's biggest draws, including Heart, Journey, and Billy Idol. The band's formation can be traced to the introduction of lead vocalist Johnny Dee and guitarist Derry Grehan by the group's future manager in 1982. Within a year, Honeymoon Suite had been formed and earned the attention of WEA in Canada on the strength of the song "New Girl Now," which had won an unsigned band contest sponsored by a Toronto radio station. Their self-titled debut appeared in 1984 and established them as rising stars in their homeland, charting four Top Ten singles. One of those hits, "New Girl Now," managed to crack the U.S. charts, reaching the mid-50s, but garnered considerable airplay on rock radio.

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