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A very diverse score by James Newton Howard, it uses everything from rock styles and jazz to delicate orchestral tracks and a huge brass fanfare. It also includes "Searching for a Heart" by Warren Zevon.
Tavia Hobart, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Main Titles
  2. Claire Returns the Baby
  3. My Sister Lives Around Here/Those Rocks
  4. Bloodstain
  5. The Baby
  6. Don't Work Late
  7. Mack's Flashback
  8. Don't Want Out
  9. Searching for a Heart
  10. Mack and Claire's Dream
  11. Dee in Brentwood
  12. Otis Runs
  13. You White?
  14. Keep the Baby
  15. Doesn't Matter
  16. Grand Canyon Fanfare/End Titles