February 08, 2005
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Prog-Rock, Album Rock

Album Review

Nearly three decades after they started, Saga have derived very little from their main mission of being one of Canada's eminent prog rock bands. Unfortunately, while their sound and quality of production have changed and evolved with technology, their songwriting style and dynamics really haven't. That's not to say Network isn't a strong effort; on the contrary, it's their most focused and polished work in years. However, as is the case with many of their recent releases, this won't necessarily win over any new fans, and is likely to appease only their already loyal fan base.
Rob Theakston, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. On the Air
  2. Keep It Reel
  3. I'm Back
  4. If I Were You
  5. Outside Looking In
  6. Don't Look Now
  7. Live at Five
  8. Back Where We Started
  9. Believe
  10. Don't Make a Sound