August 20, 2002
Pop/Rock, Club/Dance, House, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Euro-Dance, Progressive House

Album Review

Boy George has worn two hats during his career. On one hand, he is a DJ, mixing dance hits in a non-stop orgy of dance music. Obviously, his other hat is that of a pop/rock singer, which is the basis for the songs on this collection. Some of these songs are old, classic Boy George solo outings from his brilliant Cheapness & Beauty CD and era (such as "Cheapness & Beauty," "If I Could Fly," and the incredibly moving and brilliant "Il Adore"), as well as his band Jesus Loves You (the song "Bow Down Mister"). Other songs are from his London play Taboo ("Ich Bin Kunst," "St. Christopher," and "Wrong"). The songs are pop-driven, guitar-oriented little stories. The songs are very melodic, with stirring string and brass arrangements. He is actually able to carve his own style of music, which is miles away from Culture Club. The older songs are remixed, but retain their original style and quality, and together the songs all fit. The CD is a concept of sorts, basically an apparent autobiography of an artist coming to terms with his sexuality and how it fits in with his music.
Aaron Badgley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ich Bin Kunst
  2. St. Christopher
  3. She Was Never He
  4. Cheapness and Beauty
  5. Fat Cat
  6. If I Could Fly
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. Julian
  9. Wrong
  10. Letter to a School Friend
  11. The Deal
  12. Losing Control
  13. Same Thing in Reverse
  14. Il Adore
  15. Bow Down Mister
  16. Too Much Jealousy
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