November 13, 2001
Folk, Folk Revival, Psychedelic, Singer/Songwriter, Traditional Folk, Folk-Rock

Album Review

This is a straightforward three-CD set of the Fariñas' Vanguard recordings, each disc containing one of their three albums: Celebrations for a Grey Day, Reflections in a Crystal Wind, and the posthumous outtakes collection Memories. For Richard & Mimi Fariña fans who already have all of those albums, the chief interest lies in the seven previously unreleased bonus tracks that have been added to the Memories disc, all of them taken from their appearance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. Those songs, in which the duo played in an acoustic setup with some help from onstage guests (including Bruce Langhorne and Fritz Richmond), are enjoyable but not essential, particularly as the sound quality isn't that great. The new additions, however, make live versions of some their best songs available, among them "The Bold Marauder" (the best of the live cuts), "Sell-Out Agitation Waltz," "Pack Up Your Sorrows" (with Peter Yarrow), and "Celebration for a Grey Day"; Jean Ritchie accompanies them on "Shady Grove" (which is sometimes nearly drowned out by airplane swoops). Overall this is seminal, underrated mid-'60s folk-rock, quite consistent in quality for the most part. It's not an over-investment for the cost-conscious, and if you like any one of their albums, you'll probably like all of them. Note, however, that it's not quite the complete Vanguard recordings since it doesn't have the unreleased version of "Tuileries" that appeared on the compilation Pack Up Your Sorrows: Best of the Vanguard Years. It's also a bit disappointing that no further studio outtakes were found, such as the demos referred to in David Hajdu's book Positively 4th Street.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Dandelion River Run
  2. Pack up Your Sorrows
  3. Tommy Makem Fantasy
  4. Michael, Andrew and James
  5. Dog Blue
  6. V.
  7. One-Way Ticket
  8. Hamish
  9. Another Country
  10. Tuileries
  11. The Falcon
  12. Reno Nevada
  13. Celebration for a Grey Day
  14. Reflections in a Crystal Wind
  15. Bold Marauder
  16. Dopico
  17. A Swallow Song
  18. Chrysanthemum
  19. Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
  20. Hard-Long Loser
  21. Mainline Prosperity Blues
  22. Allen's Interlude
  23. House un-American Blues Activity Dream
  24. Raven Girl
  25. Miles
  26. Children of Darkness
  27. The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
  28. Joy 'Round My Brain
  29. Lemonade Lady
  30. Downtown [Instrumental]
  31. Almond Joy
  32. Blood Red Roses
  33. Morgan the Pirate
  34. A Swallow Song
  35. All the World Has Gone By
  36. Pack up Your Sorrows
  37. Leaving California (One Way Ticket)
  38. Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
  39. Pack up Your Sorrows
  40. House un-American Blues Activity Dream
  41. The Bold Marauder
  42. Hard-Lovin' Loser
  43. Dopico
  44. Celebration for a Grey Day
  45. Shady Grove