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Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Southern Soul, Deep Soul

Album Review

In 2000, Koch reissued Don Covay's two classic mid-'60s albums, Mercy and See-Saw, on one tremendous CD. The term "classic" is thrown around haphazardly in pop music, but these are two sublime records that earn the term, even if they're not as roundly celebrated as platters from Otis Redding or even cult favorite James Carr. Though he racked up a number of singles on the R&B charts, he never had a huge crossover hit, but his music stands as some of the most effervescent, infectious soul of the '60s (not to mention that his vocal style was a clear inspiration to Mick Jagger). What makes his music so remarkable is how it's earthy Southern soul, kicking really hard in its rhythms and with plenty of growl in Covay's voice, but is as nimble, tuneful, and sunny as the sounds coming out of Chicago and Detroit during the mid-'60s. Perhaps that's why he never quite got a huge single -- he straddled the two popular sounds without fully being part of either. It may have not resulted in big singles, but it resulted in splendid music. If there's not much difference stylistically between Mercy and See-Saw -- they're both pretty much cut from the same cloth -- there's also little difference in quality. It's all tremendous, enjoyable, sweet Southern soul. Razor & Tie's Mercy Mercy: The Definitive Don Covay provides the definitive overview, but for a pure concentration of Covay at his peak, this is irresistible and essential.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Mercy Mercy
  2. I'll Be Satisfied
  3. Come on In
  4. Can't Stay Away
  5. Can't Fight It Baby
  6. You're Good for Me
  7. Take This Hurt off Me
  8. Daddy Loves Baby
  9. Come See About Me
  10. You Must Believe Me
  11. Please Don't Let Me Know
  12. Just Because
  13. See-Saw
  14. The Boomerang
  15. Everything Gonna Be Everything
  16. Fat Man
  17. Precious You
  18. Iron Out the Rough Spots
  19. Please Do Something
  20. I Never Get Enough of Your Love
  21. The Usual Place
  22. A Woman's Love
  23. Sookie, Sookie