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Album Review

Coming off their 1982 masterpiece Under the Big Black Sun, X offered their follow-up More Fun in the New World one year later. While its predecessor won the band a slew of new fans, it didn't serve as the major breakthrough that it so deservedly should have. Rightfully, they didn't fool with their already winning formula; they issued another solid set of songs produced, again, by Ray Manzarek. The anthemic album opener "The New World" is still powerful years later, as is the absolutely beautiful ballad "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts," which perfectly captures the paranoid feeling of Reagan's America in the '80s. X achieved new rough and rocking heights with the vicious "Devil Doll," "Painting the Town Blue," and "Make the Music Go Bang," while returning once again to their retro '50s roots with "Poor Girl." More Fun in the New World would prove to be Manzarek's final production credit with X, who would hook up with renowned heavy metal veteran Michael Wagener for their next release two years later, Ain't Love Grand!
Greg Prato, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The New World
  2. We're Having Much More Fun
  3. True Love
  4. Poor Girl
  5. Make the Music Go Bang
  6. Breathless
  7. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
  8. Devil Doll
  9. Painting the Town Blue
  10. Hot House
  11. Drunk in My Past
  12. I See Red
  13. True Love, Pt. 2