August 04, 2008
Angel Air Records
Pop/Rock, Glam Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Proto-Punk

Album Review

There was a time, believe it or not, when Mott the Hoople live recordings were scarcer than fish lips, the consequence of the band's utterly uncompromising attitude towards bootlegging. Today, there is scarcely a significant moment in the band's development that cannot be reflected by a live album, from their earliest visit to the Fillmore to their final trip down Broadway, and, in between times, a series of discs follow the band through what once seemed an endless series of peaks. In Performance does not add to that corpus; it does, however, tidy it up a little. The four discs in this box set are little more than a straightforward repackaging of shows that the Angel Air label has already taken around the block once: the 1970 Croydon gig that was originally recorded for an official release but wound supplying a mere one song to the band's next studio album; five tracks recorded in Stockholm in 1971; a 1972 show in Philadelphia, touring All the Young Dudes and welcoming David Bowie on-stage to join in the chorus for the title song; a stupendous 1974 King Biscuit broadcast from Santa Monica, with the band at the peak of their glam rocking powers, and a 13-song mishmash of live cuts and demos recorded between 1971-1973. There are no bonus tracks, and no subsequent remastering. But, if you haven't picked up the original discs yet, this is the package for you. The bookshelf-style box is beautifully designed, and a perfect match for the studio roundup that Sony released a few years back, while a well-stuffed 48-page booklet penned by Mott fan club guru Keith Smith delivers some extra bang for your buck. Plus, Mott were rarely ever less than blazing hot on-stage, and this box captures them both seething and steaming.
Dave Thompson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ohio
  2. No Wheels to Ride
  3. Rock 'n' Roll Queen
  4. Thunderbuck Ram
  5. When My Minds Gone
  6. Keep 'a' Knockin
  7. You Really Got Me
  8. Long Red [*]
  9. Original Mixed Up Kid [*]
  10. Laugh at Me [*]
  11. Thunderbuck Ram [*]
  12. Jerkin Crocus
  13. Sucker
  14. Hymn for the Dudes
  15. Ready for Love
  16. Sweet Jane
  17. Sea Diver
  18. Sweet Angeline
  19. One of the Boys
  20. Midnight Lady
  21. All the Young Dudes
  22. Honky Tonk Women
  23. No Wheels to Ride
  24. Whisky Women
  25. Walkin with a Mountain/Jumpin Jack Flash/Satisfaction
  26. It'll Be Me
  27. Angel of Eighth Avenue
  28. Drivin' Sister
  29. All the Young Dudes
  30. All the Way from Memphis
  31. Sweet Angeline
  32. Death May Be Your Santa Clause
  33. Ballard of Billy Joe [Demo Version]
  34. If Your Heart Lay with the Rebel [Demo Version]
  35. It Would Be a Pleasure [Demo Version]
  36. American Pie
  37. Golden Age of Rock n Roll
  38. Sucker
  39. Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane
  40. Rest in Peace
  41. Here Comes the Queen
  42. One of the Boys
  43. Born Late 58
  44. Hymn for the Dudes
  45. Marionette
  46. Drivin' Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence
  47. All the Way from Memphis
  48. All the Young Dudes