Restless Records
Pop/Rock, Punk, Punk/New Wave, British Punk

Album Review

The other SLF studio recordings all contain some fine songs but are recommended only to hardcore fans. Hanx, however, is a live recording that brilliantly serves two purposes: first, as proof of what incendiary live shows SLF was capable of; second, as a greatest hits record. Unsurprisingly, the tempos here are much faster than the studio recordings, but that simply adds to the excitement. Overlooked upon its release, Hanx is a raging, non-stop hunk of punk rock that sounds great even after all these years. Issued on CD by Restless Retro in 1990.
John Dougan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Nobody's Hero
  2. Gotta Gettaway
  3. Wait and See
  4. Barbed Wire Love
  5. Fly the Flag
  6. Alternative Ulster
  7. Johnny Was
  8. At the Edge
  9. Wasted Life
  10. Tin Soldiers
  11. Suspect Device