Jupiter Ascending

Posted By: Kodiak · 3/27/2014 2:28:00 PM

Great new sci-fi fantasy with Mila Kunis..

Linkin Park

Posted By: Kodiak · 3/25/2014 1:09:00 PM

Linkin Park might be involved for the fourth straight time in the music for a new Transformers movie, according to Transformer World 2005. Asked whether they would contribute to the new entry, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, singer Chester Bennington said, "We've been very fortunate; working with the Transformers franchise. It's been great for us. Transformers (4) is coming out this summer and it makes total sense for us to be a part of that as well. So (we are) looking forward to (see) how that’s going to unfold."

  • Linkin Park last contributed the song "Iridescent" to the previous film in the series, 2011's Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. It served as the lead single from the movie's accompanying soundtrack.
  • Linkin Park also contributed tunes to both 2007's Transformers and 2009's Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.


Posted By: Kodiak · 3/18/2014 1:24:00 PM

I know i won't be wearing these at any time...