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  • Lego Iron Maiden Is The Second Best Band In The World

    My friend Marilyn sent me this video. It's amazing! Read More
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Was Good

    I went to the new Ninja Turtles movie this weekend. Aside from Megan Fox, who was just awful as April O'neil, it was an amazing flick! I ended up being loaded with nostalgia and digging out my copies of the original three movies. Secret of the ooze is still my favorite! However, this tasty jam at the end of the first movie is far superior to Vanilla Ice's Go Ninja. Hey, look over there! Read More
  • And They Were Worried About Metallica's Performance

    Yoko Ono performed at the Glastonbury Music Festival. I recommend you watch the video. It's not good. But it's the kind of train wreck that makes you feel great about yourself! Hilariously a lot of the bands and event goers were expressing displeasure at the fact this festival is headlined by Metallica. They didn't feel they fit the vibe of the festival. Probably because of that whole talent thing they are filled with. I used to think I was the worst singer in the world. But after watching the Yoko Ono performance I'm now 100 percent confident that I'm only the second worst! I could probably have a few drinks and still out karaoke her. I should talk to the festival organizers and see if they want to hire me to perform my sweet rendition of Devil Went Down To Georgia next year. Hey, look over there! Read More
  • Why Every Party Needs a Pinata

    AHHHHH....Summertime...BBQ's...Birthdays...and pinata's.  Read More
  • Metal Makes All Boy Bands Better

    I'm not 100 percent certain what a one direction is. My vague awareness of pop culture and a quick google search says they're a boy band that makes the young ladies swoon. Like such. Read More

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