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  • I didn't watch the Grammy's

    The Grammy's were last night. I didn't watch them because I recently aquired the WWE Network and was watching the 1996 King of The Ring. Can you believe that after promising not to Owen Hart totally attempted to interfere in the main event between The British Bulldog and Shawn Michaels? Man, I'm still realing from that one. Here's a picture of a Grammy. Read More
  • It's The Greatest Holiday Ever Today!

    It's a very important day today. The day where we all take time out of our days to chill with our families and share stories about a super important and modest man. That man of course,  is me. It's my birthday! Even the Google Doodle on my computer was all birthday cakes in honor of me. An honor that I for one believe is long overdue. I hope you have a very merry Kier's Birthday today, and if you are stuck working, I'm pretty sure you're at least going to get paid double time. That's how working on stat holidays works right? What's that? My birthday isn't a stat holiday? Well... that's pretty outrageous. I'm going to have to go find someone to have stern words with. Hey look over there! Read More
  • The Super Bowl Champion Commercial

    The Super Bowl went down last night. In a surprise twist the game itself was really exciting, while the usually show stealing, and much hyped Super Bowl commercials were largely depressing and dissapointing. That said a couple gems did shine through. The Liam Neeson Clash Of Clans spot was particularly entertaining. Hey look over there! Read More

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Hockeyville Top 2 announced Saturday
After a weekend full of voting, Dawson Creek and the Peace Region will find out if it was enough to put the Mile Zero City into the Hockeyville finals. Instead of a weeklong gap like last time, voting will start ... Read More...

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