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  • This Is Not A Label

    I bought some Christmas Labels yesterday. At least I thought I had. This afternoon while wrapping some christmas presents for my sisters dog (yes I bought my sisters dog a present. No, you aren't getting anything) I opened the package of Christmas labels and discovered the horrifying truth... I had in fact bought a package of five of the smallest Christmas bags ever. Read More
  • I Want A Moustache Comb

    I grew a moustache for Movember like many men this year. However unlike many men this year, when December 1st rolled around I didn't shave. I've never done a two month moustache before. I figured this year was the best year to do it. However now I have a quandry. I have no moustache comb. I feel like I need a moustache comb. My moustache feels sloppy and unruly. where does one go to find a moustache comb? If you know let me know. Or better yet, buy me one for Christmas! Hey look over there! Read More
  • David Chung: Mystical Soup Magician

    I learned something today. Morning announcer for our sister station SunFM David Chung, is a certified wizard. pictured here Read More

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Students Try-A-Trade with Skills Canada
Friday, Jan. 23 was another busy day for students across the Peace Region, many of whom swapped their textbooks for trades. The 2015 Peace Region Skills Canada Competition saw over 500 talented students try their hand at an in-demand trade, and even ... Read More...

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