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  • This Is Not A Label

    I bought some Christmas Labels yesterday. At least I thought I had. This afternoon while wrapping some christmas presents for my sisters dog (yes I bought my sisters dog a present. No, you aren't getting anything) I opened the package of Christmas labels and discovered the horrifying truth... I had in fact bought a package of five of the smallest Christmas bags ever. Read More
  • I Want A Moustache Comb

    I grew a moustache for Movember like many men this year. However unlike many men this year, when December 1st rolled around I didn't shave. I've never done a two month moustache before. I figured this year was the best year to do it. However now I have a quandry. I have no moustache comb. I feel like I need a moustache comb. My moustache feels sloppy and unruly. where does one go to find a moustache comb? If you know let me know. Or better yet, buy me one for Christmas! Hey look over there! Read More
  • David Chung: Mystical Soup Magician

    I learned something today. Morning announcer for our sister station SunFM David Chung, is a certified wizard. pictured here Read More

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Flyers reign victorious to finish off 2014
The Fort St. John Flyers finished off 2014 with a pair of wins over the weekend; first over the Grande Prairie Athletics 5-0 on Friday, followed by a 4-2 victory over the Manning Comets on Saturday.  The first game had ... Read More...

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